Ikan PT-ELITE-UL-RC Elite Large Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit w/ Elite Remote

SKU: IKA01247


  • Fits 9 to 12" Tablets
  • Elite Bluetooth Remote Control for iPad
  • Hooded Glass with 30/70 Beamsplitter
  • Adjustable Camera Riser and 15mm Rods
  • Disassemble for Storage and Transport
  • Remove Hood, Attach 15mm Rod Accessories

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 This ikan Elite Large Teleprompter Kit is a 15mm rod-based system with a tablet mount supporting any common-style 9 to 12" tablets. It also includes an Elite Bluetooth Remote Control for use with iPads and the Elite Prompter app. The remote control features 9 rubberized, soundless buttons that let you control many of the app's functions. It also has a laser pointer that will add more convenience and efficiency to your presentations.

The teleprompter features a 30/70 beamsplitter that reflects the scrolling text from the tablet back at the onscreen talent, while allowing for a direct-to-camera, direct eyeline effect. The teleprompter can be disassembled and the hood assembly collapsed for compact storage and transport, making this system suitable for both in-studio and field use. The camera baseplate includes a riser that allows the teleprompter to adapt to a variety of cameras from DSLRs to larger form models. Being that this is a rod-based system, this prompter is also expandable with longer rods (sold separately) to support ENG cameras. Furthermore, the hood and glass can be removed to allow you to attach 15mm rod accessories.

Key Features
  • 15mm rod-based system
  • Tablet mount supporting any common-style tablet measuring 9 to 12" (6 x 9" to 9 x 12")
  • Includes Elite Bluetooth Remote Control for use with iPads and the Elite Prompter app
  • Tripod mount baseplate
  • Magnetic, foldable hood
  • 30/70 beamsplitter allows talent to speak directly into the camera while reading
  • Break down/fold for storage and transport
  • Remove the hood and glass and attach 15mm rod accessories
  • Ikan 30/70 Prompter Glass
  • EV2 Adjustable Camcorder Base (Large)
  • Glass Frame
  • 3mm HEX Key
  • 1/8" HEX Key
  • Hood
  • Tablet Teleprompter Mount
  • 2x 4x10mm Socket Head Countersink Screws
  • 2x D-Rings
  • Bluetooth iPad Teleprompter Remote
  • Convenient Carrying Pouch
  • Ikan 1 Year Warranty
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