iFootage Shark Slider Nano Bundle

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  • Bundle kit
  • Gesture learning for rapid deployment
  • Bi-Directional Slider
  • Integrated Dual Axis
  • Responsive Touch Screen
  • Low Profile Design
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Vertical Shots
  • Adjustable slider speed and exposure time
  • Adaptive fade-in and fade-out effect for video
  • Reliable, robust super smooth movement

Gesture learning for rapid deployment

Simply set camera targeting by hand, for fast and intuitive workflows.

iFootage Shark Slider Nano in use with Digital Camera
iFootage Shark Slider Nano Bi-Directional Slider

Bi-Directional Slider

The Shark Slider Nano can travel almost twice the length compared to a regular slider in the market.

Integrated Dual Axis

The Shark Slider Nano is the first slider integrated with a built-in 2 axis motion control. This offers a slide movement and a 360 degree pan control

iFootage Shark Slider Nano Integrated Dual Axis
iFootage Shark Slider Nano Responsive Touch Screen

Responsive Touch Screen

Chrom-ART Accelerator, 60 FPS frame rate for an ultra smooth UI experience

Low Profile Design

Desktop mode payload is 3.5kg. Tripod mode payload is 2.5kg. Suitable for most current cameras and lenses in the market.

iFootage Shark Slider Nano Low Profile Design
iFootage Shark Slider Nano Motor Features


High-performance three-phase brushless DC motor driver from Texas Instruments.
Brushless structure with high-performance bearings, smoother rotation and longer life

Ultra Quiet

The ultra quiet brushless motors allow location voice recording without noise disturbance.

iFootage Shark Slider Nano Ultra Quiet
iFootage Shark Slider Nano Lightweight and Compact

Lightweight and Compact

This powerful and compact slider fits easily into your suitcase or backpack, allowing you to travel anywhere.

Vertical Shots

Vertical setup improves your creativity. Maximum payload of 2kg.

iFootage Shark Slider Nano Vertical Shots
iFootage Shark Slider Nano Let You Have Control

You Have Control

Record using either your smartphone or DSLR camera and control via Slider touchscreen or iFootage Moco App.

Powerful App

Full camera parameter control including ISO, shutter, white balance and more.
Additional features such as zoom-in, hitchcock vertigo camera effect, focus keyframe, time-lapse, stopmotion and directly export final output to social media.

iFootage Shark Slider Nano Powerful App
iFootage Shark Slider Nano Simplicity


The App interface and navigation is both intuitive and easy. Free regular firmware update to improve the user experience.

Other Features

  • Adjustable slider speed and exposure time
  • Adaptive fade-in and fade-out effect for video
  • Reliable, robust super smooth movement
  • iFootage Shark Slider Nano other features
    iFootage Shark Slider Nano High Grade Processing Chip

    High Grade Processing Chip

    High-precision floating-point arithmetic, 180M main frequency 32-bit ARM provides stable and reliable algorithm
    Field Oriented Control (FOC), saves power, increases torque, provide quieter and stable operation

    Collision Avoidance

    Built-in sensor detects start & end points and avoids any unwanted collision.

    iFootage Shark Slider Nano Collision Avoidance
    iFootage Shark Slider Nano Uninterrupted Power

    Uninterrupted Power Supply

    The Shark Slider Nano is compatible with NPF550/F750/F970 battery, and can be run by an external power source via the USB-C port. Supports hotswap function allowing non-stop recording.

    Macro photography

    The Shark Slider Nano algorithm ensures maximum stability, detecting and neutralising any potential vibration - perfectly when using with macro lenses.

    iFootage Shark Slider Nano Macro photography
    iFootage Shark Slider Nano Hitchcock Effect

    Hitchcock Effect

    Replicate the famous Hitchcock vertigo effect using the Shark Slider Nano follow focus and zoom within the App.

    Time-Lapse Shooting

    Access a full suite of timelapse features directly from the app or touch screen.

    Ifootage Shark Slider Nano Body USB-C Power Cable Kitbag NP-F750 Lithium Battery Versatile Phone Holder Shutter Cable(Model: N3, S2, L1, DC2, E2)
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