Hama Studio Flash Cable (Yellow 5m)

SKU: MA6942

- For connecting studio flash units so that the camera and the flash gun are triggered simultaneously
- Synchronisation cable for all modern studio flash systems
- Angled (90°)
- 6.3 mm jack plug, 2 pins - PC plug

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This professional quality flash sync cable is an essential part of any studio photographer’s kit if they use professional or semi professional flash heads that have a 6.4mm (1/4”) sync socket built into them. The jack plug simply pushes into the socket on one of the flash heads and the other end is plugged into the sync socket on the camera body. The 90° plug at the camera end helps to ensure that the plug is not accidentally pulled out of the socket in the event of a snag or a pull on the cable, thus helping to ensure that no shot is missed or time wasted.

The medium length, 5m, cable makes this ideal as it can be attached to the main flash head that is to be used as the trigger for the other flash heads and then it can be carefully positioned around the outside of the setup to ensure that it stays out of the way and more importantly, out of the picture. Being bright yellow, this is also an aid to health and safety in avoiding accidents in the low light of the studio as it will be more easily seen than a standard black cable lying on the floor. An essential if you use flash heads with the correct size sync socket.

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