Hama 3-Way Flash Connector

SKU: MA6963
  • Synchronous triggering of up to three flash units for even lighting
  • For cable connection
  • For connection to the camera´s synchronising contact
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This simple little device allows the photographer to fire up to 3 cable linked flash guns simultaneously when triggering the camera. The splitter simply plugs into the coax sync socket on the camera body and up to 3 flash cables from individual flash guns can be connected to the integral sockets, making a secure connection possible.

This device is an ideal accessory for macro (close up) photography where there is not space for extra flash trigger units, but the photographer needs to trigger up to 3 small flashguns mounted on various arms and devices at precisely the same time, simply plug in the different sync cables and you have a tried and tested, space saving and effective connection.

In some complex studio situations high tech flash triggers may not operate because of obstructions between the main trigger flash and the slave unit itself or because they are too far away and out of range so many photographers revert to this little low tech but reliable device using cables. So if you want a simple reliable way of triggering up to 3 cable controlled flash guns, then this tiny device should certainly find a place in your gadget bag.

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