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  • 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission technology
  • Up to 100 meter range
  • standby time of 7000 hours for the transmitter and 350 hours for the receiver
  • 6 timer shooting modes
  • Weighs just 184g
  • Compatible with Godox X-series Flash
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The TR Series Wireless Timer Remote Control is a versatile and feature-rich shutter remote designed to enhance your photography experience. With image stabilization and an exposure timer function, this remote offers multi-functional capabilities to meet various shooting requirements.

One of its standout features is the exposure timer, which allows you to capture stunning time-lapse photos of star trails, sunsets, blooming flowers, seascapes, and much more. By adjusting the interval settings and other parameters, you can achieve the perfect shot according to your creative vision.

The TR Series is fully compatible with the Godox X wireless system, enabling photographers to trigger their cameras and Godox flashlights simultaneously. This seamless synchronization facilitates smooth and efficient photography workflows, making it a valuable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Reliable Transmission, Even for Long Distance

The TR Series is equipped with advanced 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission technology, providing a reliable and stable remote control experience at distances of up to 100 meters. With this impressive range, you can confidently operate your camera from a significant distance, expanding your creative possibilities.

To ensure seamless communication and eliminate interference from other devices, the TR Series offers 32 channels for you to choose from. This wide range of channel options allows for precise and accurate connection and control of your camera, even in environments with potential signal congestion.

Long-lasting Battery Life, Enjoy Your Time in Photography
Experience uninterrupted photography sessions with the TR Series, thanks to its long-lasting battery life. The transmitter boasts an impressive standby time of up to 7000 hours, while the receiver offers up to 350 hours. Powered by only two AA batteries for each device, you can confidently immerse yourself in capturing stunning photos without any worries about battery life hindering your creative process.

Necessary for Time-lapse Photographing
When it comes to time-lapse photography, the TR Series is an essential tool. By programming your "Photographing Schedule" and utilizing functions such as delay timer, exposure timer, interval timer, and shooting times, you can unleash your creativity and capture captivating time-lapse shots. Whether you're experimenting with light painting, capturing mesmerizing seascapes, or exploring other creative endeavors, the TR Series provides the necessary features to bring your vision to life.

6 Settings for Timer Shooting
  • Delay time
  • Exposure time
  • Interval time between every shots
  • Number of shots
  • Repeat Timer Schedule lnterval Time
  • Repeat Timer Schedule Times
  • Transmitter x 1
  • Receiver x 1
  • Shutter Cable x 1
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