• Table mount telescopic pole for ML Series lights and Light weight Flashes
  • Ball Head
  • 1/4 mounting thread
  • Used in the ES45 LED light Kit
  • Great for Copy Stations
  • Great Mounting lights for Product photos
  • Great Mounting lights for Product E business photos
  • Great Mounting lights for Macro work
  • Can be used to mount other 1/4 acc such as Microphones and Small Field Video Monitors
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The Telescopic Mounting Rod provides an expanded range of mounting options for the ML30 and ML30Bi LED Lights. With its 1/4 thread mount, this rod is not only compatible with the mentioned LED lights but can also be used with other lightweight lights, flashes, field monitors, and microphones. It offers flexibility and versatility, allowing you to conveniently mount various accessories and equipment for your photography or filming needs.

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