SKU: 11.SF6090KIT
  • A Highly Versatile and Portable Light Modifying Kit
  • Universal Mounting Options
  • Interchangeable Fabrics
  • Versatile, Complete and Compact
  • High Control of Lighting Effects
  • Fingers and Dots included
  • Portable and User Friendly
  • Includes carry-case
  • Lightweight flag fabrics
  • Three-ended collapsible flag frames
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The Scrim Flag Kit, sized at 60 x 90cm, comprises a selection of lesser-known yet highly impactful modifiers for imaging. These modifiers play a crucial role in enhancing the subtlety and nuance of productions, especially during close-up shots. Additionally, they offer the versatility to selectively illuminate larger areas. The kit consists of five folding and compact metal flag frames that easily accommodate sleeved fabric modifiers, stretching them into the 60 x 90cm shape when securely locked into place.

To complement the frames, the kit includes a 1/2-stop Black Single Net, a 1-stop Black Double Net, and a Black Light Blocker. It also provides a 1-stop and a 2-stop Silk Diffuser in the same size.

For precise modification of smaller subject areas, the kit includes Dots and Fingers. Specifically, it features a 6" Single Black Net Dot at 1/2-stop and a 6" Black Light Blocker Dot. For linear light modification, two 4 x 14" fingers are included, along with one 1/2-stop Single Black Net and one Black Light Blocker. All of these scrims can be easily mounted onto optional grip heads, articulated arms, or dedicated accessories designed for this purpose. The included carry case offers inner compartments and pockets specifically designed to keep the components of the kit well-organized and easily accessible whenever needed.


The Godox Scrim Flag Kit comes with a compact carry case that measures 111 x 28 x 8cm. This specially designed case ensures efficient utilization of space, providing approximately 75% more space efficiency compared to storing the individual components separately.


The flag frames included in the Godox Scrim Flag Kit are constructed from durable steel, ensuring long-lasting reliability. These frames feature a three-sided collapsible design with two arms that fold out from the center bar and securely lock into place. With the ability to effortlessly interchange fabric covers, these flag frames can be conveniently mounted onto any standard grip head. Furthermore, their collapsible nature enables easy transportation and compact storage, making them a practical choice for photographers and filmmakers on the go.


Every fabric scrim or screen within the Godox Scrim Flag Kit is designed to block or diminish light to a specific degree. Each type of scrim or screen offers its unique light-blocking or light-diminishing properties, allowing for precise control over the lighting in various situations or environments. By having a range of options available, you can easily fine-tune the lighting to achieve the desired effect.

Block Light, Diffused Light, Reduce Light Intensity

To facilitate easy identification, each element of the Godox Scrim Flag Kit is color-coded. This color-coding system simplifies the process of selecting the appropriate modifier for your specific needs. Whether you need to completely block the light, soften it, or reduce it to a calibrated degree, each element of the kit is specifically designed to serve these purposes. The color-coded system enhances convenience and efficiency.

Dots and Fingers

The dots and fingers included in the Godox Scrim Flag Kit offer precise control over shaping light on smaller objects or specific areas. These compact modifiers prove to be particularly valuable in tabletop shooting scenarios or situations where using larger fabrics might be impractical or cumbersome. Whether you need to modify the lighting on a small subject or focus on a specific area, dots and fingers provide you with the flexibility and versatility to achieve your desired lighting effects with ease.

Easy Storage

The removable fabric screens and scrims conveniently fold up for safe storage and travel within the carry bag.

Carry Bag

The carry bag for the scrim kit serves as a protective and organized solution for storing your flags, frames, and scrims. It keeps all the components securely gathered together in one lightweight bag, ensuring their safety during transportation.

Mounting Pin Sizes
Frame: 9.5mm

Dots and fingers: 5.1 to 7.6mm

  • Godox Scrim Flag Kit (60 x 90cm)
  • 5 x Folding Locking Frame (60 x 90cm)
  • Black Single Net Screen / Green Border (60 x 90cm)
  • Black Double Net Screen / Red Border (60 x 90cm)
  • 1-Stop Silk Screen / Gray Border (60 x 90cm)
  • 2-Stop Silk Screen / Yellow Border (60 x 90cm)
  • Black Light Blocker / Black Border (60 x 90cm)
  • Black Light Blocker Dot (15cm)
  • Single Net Dot (15cm)
  • Black Light Blocker Finger (10 x 35cm)
  • Single Net Finger (10 x 35cm)
  • Storage/Carry Bag