SKU: 11.S60
  • 6 to 55 Degree Beam Spread
  • Daylight Balanced 5600K
  • CRI/TLCI: 96/97, DMX Control
  • Smartphone App Control
  • AC or Optional V-Mount Battery
  • Barndoor Set Included
  • RC-A6 wireless remote available as an option
  • Also available as a 3 head kit
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The Godox S60 LED Focusing Light provides you with versatile beam focus options and reliable control features. Its adjustable beam spread ranges from 6 to 55 degrees, allowing you to use it for various purposes such as accent lighting, hair lighting, long throw applications, or selective lighting setups. With a wide beam at 55 degrees, it's ideal for illuminating larger areas or providing even coverage. The included barndoors further enhance your control over the light's shaping capabilities.

Featuring a consistent color temperature of 5600K, the S60 ensures reliable and accurate lighting. If needed, you can easily convert the color temperature to tungsten balance by using a gel filter. Additionally, the light is dimmable from 0% to 100%, providing precise control over the intensity. While you can adjust these settings directly on the fixture, Godox offers multiple remote control options. The S60 can be controlled via onboard DMX from a console, wirelessly using the smartphone app, or with an optional remote controller that offers a range of up to 164 feet.

The S60 is designed for worldwide use, accommodating power supply voltages ranging from 100V to 240V. In situations where AC power is unavailable, you can rely on the V-mount battery plate on the controller to power the light. This versatility ensures that you can use the S60 in various locations and settings, making it a reliable lighting solution for your needs.

Precise Control of Light Coverage
The Godox S60 LED Focusing Light offers a flexible beam angle that can be adjusted from 6 to 55 degrees, allowing you to achieve the desired output spread size. By simply turning the rotary knob on the back, you can customize the beam angle to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, the light provides the option of using an optional projecting lens, which enhances its versatility in illuminating intricate details and specific areas with precision.

Outstanding Lighting Effects
The S60 LED Focusing Light from Godox features an aspheric optical lens that ensures exceptional color accuracy with CRI/TLCI ratings of 96+/97+. This guarantees the reproduction of natural and pristine colors in any application. The light's focused spot provides a significant increase of approximately 4 stops compared to its flood setting, allowing for precise control over the intensity and spotlight effect. Additionally, the S60 offers adjustable brightness ranging from 1% to 100%, providing flexibility in achieving the desired lighting output.

A Choice of Light Shapers
The S60 is designed to offer versatility in lighting styles, providing you with the ability to create diverse lighting setups. By utilizing various light shaping accessories, such as barndoors, you can easily customize the light to achieve your desired lighting pattern and effect. Whether you need to shape the light for specific scenes or create unique lighting designs, the S60 allows you to tailor the light to suit your creative vision.

Even Beam
The aspheric optical lens of the S60 delivers uniform light distribution from edge to edge.

Power Anywhere
The S60 includes a separate control box that allows for versatile power options, supporting both AC power and an optional V-mount battery for on-location shooting.

Optional Remote Control
Equipped with a built-in Bluetooth system, the S60 offers convenient remote adjustments through the user-friendly "Godox Light" app. Additionally, it supports the optional RC-A6 wireless remote control for added control flexibility.
  • Godox S60 LED Focusing Light
  • Controller Box
  • Barndoor Set
  • Connect Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Wrench