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  • 3 x S30 Daylight LED Lights & Barndoors
  • 3 x Power Adapters, 3 x Light Stands
  • 1 x Projection Attachment with 85mm Lens
  • 1 x Iris, 1 x Set of Framing Shutters
  • 1 x Gobo Set with Holder, 1 x Scrim Set
  • 2 x Softboxes, 1 x Colour Effects Gel Set
  • 1 x Colour Temperature Gel Set
  • 1 x Small 3 Head Stand Bag
  • 1 x Kit Carrying Bag
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Godox presents the comprehensive S30-D Focusing LED Three Light Kit, carefully curated to provide photographers and videographers with a complete and portable lighting solution. This kit features three S30 LED lights, each equipped with barndoors, a power adapter, and a light stand for easy setup and positioning. Offering precise and focused illumination, the kit includes the optical Projection Attachment with an 85mm lens, allowing for precise light shaping. Additionally, the kit includes essential accessories such as an iris, set of framing shutters, gobo set with holder, and a scrim set, enabling creative control over light output. To further expand versatility, two softboxes are included, along with a Colour Effects Gel Set and a Colour Temperature Adjustment Gel Set. For added convenience during transportation, the kit provides two dedicated bags—one for the light stands and another for the S30 lights and accompanying accessories—ensuring that you can take your lighting setup on the go with ease.

Godox S30 Focusing LED Light
The S30 Focusing LED Light by Godox is a versatile and lightweight lighting solution that offers adjustable light intensity, beam spread, and power options. With a flexible beam angle of 6 to 55 degrees, it provides the versatility needed for long throw applications or wide flood lighting. To achieve precise lighting control, the S30 features an 8-way barndoor system that allows you to selectively shape and direct the light output.

With its dimmable function ranging from 10 to 100%, the S30 enables easy adjustment of light intensity without the need for constant repositioning. Whether shooting outdoors or complementing daylight-balanced fixtures, the S30 maintains a consistent and reliable 5600K color temperature. Its high CRI/TLCI rating of 96 ensures accurate color rendering, delivering natural and lifelike results.

The S30 is designed for worldwide use, offering seamless integration with the included AC adapter. Additionally, it can be powered by the provided Lithium Ion battery and charger when access to mains power is limited. Alternatively, you have the option to use an optional power bank via a USB cable, providing even more flexibility in powering the S30 to suit your shooting requirements.

Consistent Beam Spread
Godox's aspheric optics ensure even light distribution from edge to edge.

Beam Angle Control
Achieve precise control over the coverage angle with the ability to adjust it effortlessly from 6 to 55 degrees, allowing you to tailor the light spread to your specific needs.

Variable Light Intensity
The S30 offers versatile dimming capabilities, allowing you to adjust the light intensity smoothly and precisely across a wide range from 10% to 100%.

Power Options
The S30 is designed to be flexible in its power options, allowing you to choose from multiple sources. It can be powered using the included AC adapter, NP-F-type batteries, or even a power bank using a standard USB cable. This versatility ensures that you can use the S30 in various settings, whether you have access to mains power or need a portable solution on the go.

Numerous Accessories
Enhance your lighting possibilities with a range of available accessories designed specifically for the S30. Expand your creative options with the projection attachment, gobo set, barndoors, softboxes, and gel filter sets. These accessories allow you to shape and modify the light to achieve the desired effect, whether you're adding patterns and textures, controlling the beam spread, or adjusting the color temperature. With these accessories, you have the flexibility to customize your lighting setup for any project or creative vision.

Godox Projection Attachment with 85mm Lens for S30 Focusing LED Light

Unlock precise and selective lighting possibilities with the Projection Attachment for S30 Focusing LED Light from Godox. This optical modifier empowers the S30 to project a soft or hard circle of light, allowing you to achieve the desired focus and diffusion. The versatile attachment offers various optional accessories to further enhance your creative control. Choose from a 60mm wide-angle lens for broader coverage at close distances, or a 150mm telephoto lens for long-distance projection. With four optional shutter blades, you can shape the projected light into slits, squares, or triangles, while steel gobos with intricate patterns provide captivating scenic projections. Additionally, the attachment includes a set of scrims to adjust the light output and an iris for effortless control over the size of the projected circle. Unleash your imagination and transform your lighting setup with this powerful projection attachment.

Godox Scrim Set for Projection Attachment

Enhance your creative control with the Scrim Set for Projection Attachment from Godox. This versatile set of light intensity modifiers is specifically designed to complement the Projection Attachment when used with the S30 Focusing LED Light. The set includes five different scrims: Full Single, Full Double, 1/2 Single, 1/2 Double, and 1/2 Graduated. Each scrim allows you to precisely adjust the intensity of the projected light, giving you greater flexibility in shaping your lighting effects. Whether you need to diffuse, soften, or control the spread of light, this scrim set is an essential tool for achieving your desired lighting results.

Godox Iris Diaphragm for Projection Attachment
This versatile accessory, designed to be used with the separately-purchased modifier, seamlessly integrates into the attachment, offering you precise control over the size and focus of the projected circle of light. With the Iris Diaphragm, you can easily adjust the aperture to create stunning lighting effects, whether you want to narrow the beam for focused highlights or expand it for a softer, diffused look.

Godox Framing Shutters for Projection Attachment (Set 4)
Godox offers a Set of 4 Framing Shutters for their Projection Attachment, allowing for precise control over the shape and direction of light. These shutters can be individually adjusted within the attachment's slot, enabling the creation of slits or custom shapes for selective lighting effects.

Godox Gobo Set Holder
Enhance your creative lighting with the Godox Gobo Set Holder designed for use with the Projection Attachment. This convenient accessory securely holds gobos, which are small plates with intricate patterns etched into them. When inserted into the holder and combined with the Projection Attachment, these gobos project captivating patterns onto your scenery, adding depth and visual interest to your lighting setup.

Godox Colour Effects Set
The Godox Colour Effects Set is meticulously crafted to complement the S30 LED Light, offering a range of 15 innovative colors. This thoughtfully designed set empowers you to personalize the appearance and style of your images. By leveraging these creative colors, you can add a professional touch and elevate the visual impact of your photography with ease and precision.

Godox Colour Temperature Adjustment Set
The Godox Colour Temperature Adjustment Set is purpose-built for seamless integration with the S30 Focusing LED Light. This meticulously crafted set comprises sixteen precision-engineered filters, including essential options such as CTO (Color Temperature Orange), CTB (Color Temperature Blue), Magenta, and Green filters. With this professional-grade set at your disposal, you gain precise control over color temperature, enabling you to achieve impeccable lighting conditions for your photographic endeavors

Godox 213B Light Stand for S30 LED Light
Experience unmatched stability and convenience with the 213B Light Stand designed specifically for the S30 Focusing LED Light by Godox. Boasting a maximum height of 213cm and a compact folded size of 51cm, this versatile light stand is perfectly suited for various shooting setups. Its intelligently engineered four-section design allows for easy extension and retraction, while the innovative reverse folding leg design ensures seamless portability. Crafted with a combination of robust yet lightweight aluminum construction, this light stand offers a reliable foundation for your lighting equipment, making it an indispensable companion for photographers and videographers seeking both durability and practicality.

Godox CB14 Carrying Bag for S30 Light Stand
Transport and safeguard your S30 light stands effortlessly with the CB14 Carrying Bag from Godox.

Godox CB15 Carrying Bag for S30 Kit
Ensure the safe storage, protection, and convenient transportation of your S30 Kit with the CB15 Carrying Bag by Godox.

  • 3 x Godox S30 Focusing Led Lights
  • 3 x Adapters
  • 3 x Power Cords
  • 3 x D-Tap to 4pin Power Cord
  • 3 x NPF Battery Plate with D-Tap Out
  • 3 x SA-08 Barn Door Sets
  • 3 x 213B Light Stands
  • 1 x SA-P Projection Attachment
  • 1 x SA-01 85mm Lens
  • 2 x SA-30 30x30cm Soft Box with Grids
  • 1 x SA-05 Scrim Set
  • 1 x SA-06 Iris Diaphragm
  • 1 x SA-07 Framing Shutter
  • 1 x SA-09 GOBO Set
  • 1 x SA-10 GOBO Holder
  • 1 x SA-11C Colour Effects Set (15)
  • 1 x SA-11T Colour Temperature Adjustment Set (16)
  • 1 x CB14 Carrying Bag for 3 Light Stands
  • 1 x CB15 Carrying Bag for S30 Kit