SKU: 11.R2400
  • 2400Ws
  • Guide Number: 64
  • 40W Modeling Light
  • Optional Reflectors and Grids,
  • Use as Main or Fill Light
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The R2400 Ring Flash Head for the P2400 Battery Pack by Godox is a versatile tool that offers distinctive visual qualities, making it highly valuable in various genres of photography. Whether you're capturing fashion, portraits, hair styling, tattoos, macro shots, or glamourous images, this ring flash head delivers exceptional results. When used in the traditional way, with the camera lens positioned at the center opening, it creates an alluring effect by flattening facial features, providing glamorous skin illumination, and casting a soft halo shadow behind the subject. The ring flash also beautifully emphasizes the eyes, producing captivating catchlights that bring the images to life. Moreover, this head can be utilized off-camera for different purposes. By mounting it on a light stand, it serves as a subtle fill light, while positioning it overhead or at a 45-degree angle adds soft modeling and definition to the subject's features.

  • Godox R2400 Ring Flash Head for P2400
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