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Designed as a unique solution to create indirect light, Godox introduces the KNOWLED LiteFlow Reflector. With a mere 3% power loss, LiteFlow boasts exceptional reflectance to produce high-quality light. Its cutting-edge craftsmanship offers four distinct diffusion types, allowing for various beam spread effects. When paired with parallel light sources, it's the ideal solution for diverse lighting requirements in various settings. Users can swiftly choose their desired type by identifying the different label colours on the back, significantly enhancing on-set efficiency.

Carefully crafted to improve your workflow on set, the LiteFlow system is color-coded on its back. Each colour and number refer to a different diffusion and reflection type for quick identification.

Blue Colour/Number 1: Hard Light
Yellow Colour/Number 2: Medium Light
Green Colour/Number 3: Soft Light
Red Colour/Number 4: Soft Strip Light
Product Features:

Dimension 250mm*250mm
Weight 403g
Needs Rail Mount Receiver or Rail Mount Stud
Blue colour/Number 1: hard light
Yellow colour/Number 2: medium light
Green colour/Number 3: soft light
Red colour/Number 4: soft strip light
LiteFlow stand out is a meticulously crafted aluminium-coated surface
Exceptional reflectance, precise control, and multiple beams of light are some of the features that make the LiteFlow system a cinematic lighting solution
Easy Adjustments & Mounting
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