SKU: 11.SA-D1
  • Designed for use with the Godox S30 Focusing LED Light.
  • Australian plug power cable
  • The SA-D1 power adapter provides a power output of 30W for the S30 light, optimizing its performance.
  • In comparison, when powered by an NP-F970 li-ion battery or a USB power bank, the output of the S30 light is reduced to 10W.
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The Godox SA-D1 AC Power Adapter Charger is specifically designed for use with the Godox S30 Focusing LED Light. It comes with an Australian plug power cable, providing convenient mains power connectivity.

By using the SA-D1 power supply, the S30 light can achieve its maximum performance output and efficiency when operated with dedicated mains power. The power output of the S30 light is 30W when connected to the SA-D1 power adapter, ensuring optimal performance.

When using alternative power sources such as the NP-F970 li-ion battery or USB power bank, the S30 light operates at a reduced power output of 10W. However, for the best performance, it is recommended to use the SA-D1 AC Power Adapter Charger, as it allows the S30 light to deliver its full 30W output capability.


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