Fxlion Mini Skypower 48V - DC Output Adapter

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The 48V Mini Skypower converts two 14.8V batteries to 48V. The maximum working current is 10 Amps.If you use 26V batteries, the maximum output is 480 Watts. So you can power even bigger LED lights.


Input: 14.8V * 2 (Output: 48V / 400W max.) or

26V * 2 (Output: 48V / 480W max.)

Output: 48V / 10A

Features: 48V Output from 2 x 14.8V Batteries

Pinout: 3-Pin XLR Female Output

Dimension: 126(L)mm*77.5(W)mm*177.5(H)mm

Weight: 1050g/1000g

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