FLASHWAVE-III Studio Strobe/Portable Flash Slave Radio 16ch KIT Trigger / Receiver


The FLASHWAVE-III Studio Strobe/Portable Flash Slave Radio 16 Channel KIT, including both RX receiver and TX trigger, for wireless control of flashes and cameras.

Regular price $255.00

Kit includes ONE Trigger and ONE Receiver. (An optional AC power module is available for $65 - sold separately)

- Model type: Flashwave 3
- Frequency: (2.427GHz-2.457GHz)
- Channel: 16
- Transmitter Battery: 3V/CR2350
- Receiver Battery: AA*2 
- Operation Range: 80M(Safe) 180M(MAX)
- Shutter Speed: 1/250
- Receiver ( Optional AC model ) 110V-220V


The new Flash Wave III offers many interesting features: 

- Flash Wave III provides sixteen individual radio frequency channels on the 2.4GHz frequency band to avoid radio interference. 

- With an operating temperature above -20 ~ below 50, this new radio flash trigger can be operated in conditions of extreme heat and severe cold. 

- Flash Wave III can trigger your remote camera with a compatible camera release cable. Flash Wave III TX has a two step test triggering button in order to perform auto focus function & shooting function. It can also wake your camera from sleep mode. 

- Flash Wave III Receivers have a built-in Hotshoe, PC sync and 3.5mm mini phone jack plug for firing your studio mono light as well as portable flash units. 

- Maximum working range is up to 80m line of sight.

- Fast sync speed of up to 1/250 sec for focal plane shutter (depending on camera & flash units) 

- Images can be taken at up to 8 frames per second 


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