Fashion & Glamour Starter (4 Head FlashPro 500R - 500w Rapid Studio Flash Monobloc) Kit

SKU: fashion500
4 heads and loads of accessories make this kit all you should need for most studio photography needs.
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FlashPro 500R Walk through Manual from Dragon Image on Vimeo.

included in the kit:

    4 x FlashPro 500R Rapid fire Flash heads for heavy use

    2 x LightPro 70x100 Double Diffused Softboxes 

    1 x LightPro Medium Beauty Dish with Honeycomb "Perfect for fashion"

    2 x LightPro 42" 2 in 1 Umbrellas 

    1 x LightPro Barndoor Gridset with honeycomb and gels

    1 x LightPro Snoot

    1 x LightPro Background support system

    1 x Superior Arctic white paper roll 2.75m x 11m

    1 x Superior Jet Black paper roll 2.75m x 11m

    cases, cables and trigger

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