EIMAGE ED360M (ED360 + Magic Motor 2)

  • Adopt special motor to ensure the motor precisionis 0.0001m.
  • Max.speed range:0.01mm/s-200mm/s
  • Make sure the camera could get perfectly steady shooting effect in any modes
  • Wide volatage:12-24V
  • Current:more than 3A
  • DC current could be used in indoor and long shooting
  • High-intensive Athena
  • Max.remote control distance can be 20m
  • "Speed and direction" button provides pre view of your shooting
  • Wireless shutter with various cable releases could work with most of popular cameras in the market,even new quick action,no delay.
  • Optional EIMAGE battery with big power,could be used 48 hours if no stop.
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This product includes the ED360 and Magic Motor 2


5 meters  ground Slider set (with motor -fit dolly ED360D but without Magic Motor2)

  • Multipurpose dolly
  • High density foam
  • Larger hard wheel
  • Easy and fast set up

Magic Motor 2

MOTOR 2 is used for EIMAGE ground slider : ED360

The EIMAGE MAGIC MOTOR SYSTEMS are ideal designed for professional filmmakers and photographers to take dynamic videos. It provides trace-record, time-lapse, stop-motion functions, and all of them are controlled by APP, which is very easy and convenient to operate it. It features precise and extremely stable movement because of the inner special motor. With its compact and innovative structure, It is light-weight and easy to set up in 5 minutes without any tool. Our motor also could match with other sliders , such as Ifootage, Varavon, Konava, what need to do is just change the adapter plate. It is almost universal.

  • Stop-Motion: Set frame and exposure time - check leakage and fill a vacancy if any picture is misisng. Positioned at requested location automatically, if re-shooting
  • App control: Get started quickly for everyone - easy and convenient to adjust configuration parameters
  • Trace record: Create incredible images - AB records and complicated trace records (max. 5 routes). The system saves traces and shows traces at your request.
  • Stepless Variable Speed: Digital adjustment for each speed & direction - Maximum acelerateion speed could be adjusted, provides oustanding ease in and ease out function, pictures look natural. Also solves problem that each typed needs to re-cut.
  • Motion control: Complicated trace record Motion Control System - take videos in virtual studio or environemtns according to your trace, not only AB, but also complicated trace. 


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