DZOFilm VESPID 21mm T2.1 Lens (PL and EF Mounts)

  • 21mm Lens Covers Full-Frame Sensors
  • 16-Blade Iris, 80mm Front Diameter
  • PL Mount and EF Mount Included
  • Cinema Gearing for Focus and Iris
  • 270° Focus Rotation
  • Magnetic Rear Clear/ND Filter
Regular price $2,495.00
The DZOFilm VESPID 21mm T2.1 Lens, a member of the VESPID series, is designed for both independent and high-end full-frame cinematography. With its compact and lightweight form, this lens is ideal for a range of applications, including drone and gimbal work, as well as handheld or run-and-gun shooting. Boasting an 80mm front diameter, the lens seamlessly interfaces with cine-style matte boxes. The lens supports versatile use through its interchangeable PL mount and included EF mount, ensuring compatibility with various modern and vintage cine cameras. Full-frame coverage accommodates sensors with an image circle up to 46.5mm, making it suitable for cameras with full-frame sensors without vignetting.

Consistent with the VESPID prime lens lineup, the 16-blade iris produces round out-of-focus highlights, enhancing the lens's bokeh for a natural appearance. The focus ring provides a precise 270° of rotation for accurate focus pulls, while the iris ring offers a generous 64° of rotation. Cine-style gear rings on the focus and iris rings make the lens compatible with various cine-style accessories, including follow focus units, lens motors, and lens control systems. For added convenience, the lens features a magnetically attached rear filter for ND filters.
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