DZOFilm Pictor T2.8 Super35 Zoom 3-Lens Bundle (PL & EF Mount, Black)

SKU: DZO-7220001B/2B/3B -Kit
  • 14 to 30mm Super35 Parfocal Zoom Lens
  • 20 to 55mm Super35 Parfocal Zoom Lens
  • 50 to 125mm Super35 Parfocal Zoom Lens
  • Lens Case with Foam Insert Included
  • Lenses Come in a Black Finish
Regular price $13,795.00
This DZOFilm Pictor T2.8 Super35 Zoom 3-Lens Bundle encompasses three zoom lenses—the 14 to 30mm, 20 to 55mm, and 50 to 125mm—featuring a classic black finish. These lenses offer coverage across an extended zoom range with a relatively fast maximum aperture. Specifically designed for Super35 sensors, they share similar dimensions, weight, lens gear positions, and front outer diameters, ensuring swift and convenient lens changes.

Each lens is furnished with a PL mount and includes a Canon EF Mount, enhancing compatibility with a diverse range of digital cinema cameras. Maintaining focus consistently throughout the focal length range, these lenses showcase matching 16-blade irises that yield round out-of-focus highlights. The bundle is accompanied by a sturdy protective case for secure transportation and storage.
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