DZOFilm Catta 35-80mm T2.9 E-Mount Cine Zoom Lens (Black)

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What's Included:

  • DZOFilm Catta 35-80mm T2.9 E-Mount Cine Zoom Lens (Black)
  • Front Cap
  • Rear Cap
  • Shim Set
  • Support Base
  • Support Rod
  • Filter Bracket
  • Sticker Set

Elevate your documentary, broadcast, or online production setup with the black Catta 35-80mm T2.9 E-Mount Cine Zoom Lens from DZOFilm. This cinematic lens is engineered to maintain precise focus while delivering seamless zooming capabilities. The Catta series is renowned for its faithful color reproduction and the ability to smoothly transition between focus and defocus. It boasts an expansive aperture range from T2.9 to T22, a 16-blade iris for achieving a silky-smooth bokeh effect, and a remarkable minimum focus distance of 75cm.

In keeping with its cinematic design, this lens offers a 240° focus rotation, a 100° zoom rotation range, and a 75° iris rotation range. The lens comes equipped with a Sony E-mount, and it's easily adaptable to optional RF, L, X, or Z mounts to accommodate various camera setups. The package includes a comprehensive set of accessories, such as front and rear lens caps, a shim set for precise calibration, a support base for added stability, a support rod for enhanced rigidity, and a filter bracket for creative filter usage. Add this lens to your arsenal and unlock a world of creative possibilities for your filmmaking projects.


  • Focal Length: 35 to 80mm
  • Lens Mount: Sony E
  • Format: Full Frame
  • Image Circle: 43.5 mm
  • Maximum T-Stop: T2.9
  • Minimum T-Stop: T22
  • Minimum Focus Distance: From Unspecified Point in Lens: 75 cm
  • Diaphragm Blades: 16
  • Gear MOD & Pitch:
    • Focus: 0.8 MOD / 32 Pitch
    • Iris: 0.8 MOD / 32 Pitch
    • Zoom: 0.8 MOD / 32 Pitch
  • Front Diameter: 80 mm
  • Filter Thread: 77 mm
  • Focus Scales: Metric
  • Focus Rotation: 270°
  • Iris Rotation: 75°
  • Zoom Rotation: 100°
  • Zoom Ratio: 2.3x
  • Electronic Communication: No
  • Dimensions: 214.4 x 80 mm
  • Length: 214.4 mm
  • Weight: 1.532 kg
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