Deity V-Mic D4 Mini For Camera Or Phone With AUX input

  • Affordable miniature microphone
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Passive Power
  • Supercardioid Pick up pattern
  • Shockmount Included
  • TRS to TRS & TRS to TRRS Cables included
  • Faux Fur Windscreen Included
  • Automatic extra track assignment when a secondary source is plugged in
  • Great for videographers, wedding shooters or online content creators
  • 14mm medium diaphragm capsule - the same capsule found in D4 Series
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Featuring a highly focused directional response and the capability to incorporate a secondary audio source for 2-track camera recording, the V-Mic D4 Mini is a compact and lightweight shotgun microphone designed for camera mounting. It excels at rejecting off-camera sound and is compatible with various devices, including DSLRs, smartphones, and portable audio recorders. The V-Mic D4 Mini strikes a perfect balance between size, quality, and versatility, making it an appealing microphone choice for budget-conscious vloggers, videographers, and hybrid shooters.

To ensure seamless connectivity with cameras and mobile devices, the V-Mic D4 Mini comes with 3.5mm TRS and TRRS audio cables. Its side-mounted output jack is thoughtfully designed to stay out of the way when using the eyepiece for photography. With the 3.5mm TRS input jack, you can plug in an additional audio source, like a wireless microphone receiver, allowing you to simultaneously record two separate tracks to your camera. One track captures the V-Mic D4 Mini's microphone signal, while the other records the secondary source connected to the 3.5mm input. Operating on plug-in power (no need for batteries) and equipped with a furry windshield rated for wind speeds of up to 20 mph, the V-Mic D4 Mini is well-prepared for the fast-paced demands of audio-for-video productions, whether indoors or outdoors.

Cost-Effective Quality
The V-Mic D4 Mini is a cost-effective miniature microphone known for its excellent quality. It features a supercardioid polar pattern, which enables precise audio capture while effectively rejecting off-camera sounds.

Medium-Diaphragm Condenser Capsule
Unlike many other microphones in the micro-shotgun category with capsules as small as 6mm, the V-Mic D4 Mini stands out by incorporating Deity's 4th generation 14mm medium-diaphragm electret condenser capsule. This is the same high-quality capsule found in the other microphones of Deity's D4 series designed for video production.

Secondary Audio Source
The V-Mic D4 Mini is equipped with a convenient 3.5mm TRS input jack, simplifying the connection of a secondary audio source, such as a wireless microphone, without the need for a splitter cable. This input jack intelligently routes the second audio source to the right audio channel on your camera. Furthermore, it supports plug-in-power passed through from the camera, enabling the use of a passive lavalier microphone like the Deity V.Lav. This allows content creators, videographers, and wedding shooters to capture both ambient audio with the V-Mic D4 Mini and focused audio from someone speaking to the camera using a wireless microphone.

Note:The input jack does not work when you are using the V-Mic D4 Mini with a mono recorder or a cell phone.

Side-Mounted Output Jack
The conveniently placed side-mounted 3.5mm TRS output jack is ideal for hybrid DSLR shooters who wish to continue using their eyepiece for photography while capturing audio with the V-Mic D4 Mini.

Audio Cables for Cameras and Smartphones
The V-Mic D4 Mini package comes complete with two 3.5mm audio cables: a TRS cable designed for camera use, and a TRRS cable for smartphones and tablets equipped with headphone jacks.

No Batteries Required
Because the D4 Mini operates on plug-in power (ranging from 1 to 5V) drawn from cameras, phones, and audio recorders, it eliminates the need for batteries.

Offset Shockmount
The D4 Mini features an innovative offset shock mount, making it the perfect microphone for wide-angle vlogging cameras or action cameras.

20 mph Wind Protection
The faux fur windshield provides wind protection up to 20 mph so the microphone is ready for rough elements.

Transducer Principle Pre-Polarized Condenser
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz
Sensitivity -38±2dB re 1V/Pa @1KHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 74 dB
Maximum SPL 134 dB SPL (@1KHZ, 1% THD into 1kΩ)
THD ≤1%
Dynamic Range 114dB
Operating Voltage 1.0 to 5V (Plug-In Power)
Input Connection 3.5mm TRS (1.0 to 5V Plug-In Power)
Output Connection 3.5mm TRS (Left - Mic Signal / Right - Mic Signal or Input)
Windscreen Include
Cable TRS to TRS & TRS to TRRS
Color Black
Mounting Deity Shockmount
Dimensions Φ19*78mm
Weight 28g (Mic) / 61.5g (Fully rigged)
  • 1 x V-Mic D4 Mini
  • 1 x Shockmount Included
  • 1 x TRS to TRS Cable
  • 1 x TRS to TRRS Cable
  • 1 x Faux Fur Windscreen Included
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