Benro WH15 WH15 Counterbalance 2-Way Long Lens Head

  • Heavy duty 2-way head designed for long lens wildlife and sports photographers
  • 8 setting counterbalance and friction tilt control to enable smooth and accurate positioning
  • Extendable pan handle can be mounted on either the left or right hand side of the head
  • Dual pan function - pan from the base or the quick release platform
  • 15kg weight capacity
  • Head weight is 1.4kg
Regular price $1,056.00
The Benro WH15 2-Way head is meticulously crafted to cater to photographers who frequently capture images with extended telephoto or zoom lenses, making it an ideal choice for wildlife and sports photography. This head boasts fine-tuned friction controls for both pan and tilt actions, alongside an 8-level counterbalance system specifically for tilt movements. This intelligent feature ensures that, once appropriately set, the head remains securely positioned without necessitating locking mechanisms. For enhanced equipment stability, a sliding Arca-compatible quick release plate is included to facilitate efficient balancing.

Tailored to individual preferences, the three-section pan handle is extendable, catering to varying shooting needs. It offers the flexibility to be mounted on either side of the head, accommodating both right and left-handed photographers. Additionally, the pan handle can be detached and employed as a convenient selfie stick.

With a dual panning mechanism, this head provides two panning options. It allows for a base-level pan adjustment with customizable friction settings. Alternatively, the quick release platform can be independently rotated if required.

Boasting a robust weight capacity of 15kg, the WH15 comfortably accommodates full-frame DSLRs equipped with lengthy prime telephoto lenses, making it an excellent companion for photographers seeking exceptional stability and precision.
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