Benro Tortoise 34CLV, Carbon Fibre, Twist Lock, S6PRO Head, QR6PRO Plate, Video Tripod Kit

  • ¼” and 3/8” self adaptive installation screw thread compatible with most cameras and devices
  • Updated Leg positioning locking system
  • Three ¼” threads to attach accessories to the main casting
  • Braided Carbon Fibre composite tubing for increased weight capacity
  • Ergonomic leg locks for greater locking strength
  • Three step self adaptive feet provides improved stability
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The Benro Tortoise Carbon Fiber 3 Series Tripod System with S4Pro Video Head is a versatile and portable solution designed to support loads up to 4kg, offering a working height range of 235 to 1640mm. The flat base of the S4Pro Video Head makes it suitable for use with sliders and jibs, while the tripod legs provide a leveling ball to flat base head fitting option, enabling you to swiftly achieve precise leveling by attaching the S4Pro head to the legs.

These carbon fiber legs employ twist-lock leg locks for swift and secure setup. The head fitting on the legs also features a 1/4"-20 accessory mounting port, allowing convenient attachment of various accessories. The carbon fiber legs provide independent movement with three locking angles, facilitated by a push-button locking system. Rubber feet with three distinct contact surfaces ensure stability regardless of the leg's orientation. The included spiked feet can be swapped in for the rubber feet as needed.

The S4Pro head boasts two counterbalance steps and features fixed pan and tilt drag, accompanied by separate pan and tilt locks. The tilt range covers +90/-65°, while the pan rotation extends to a full 360°. The included camera plate is adjustable forward and backward to establish optimal balance for your camera. An integrated safety catch prevents accidental plate release. Two camera screws (1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16) are supplied and can be conveniently stored underneath the camera plate on the head. The head is also equipped with dedicated slots for attaching articulating arms or other accessories via 1/4"-20 threaded holes on each side."

S4Pro Fluid Head
  • 18kg Payload
  • Flat base with 3/8"-16 female
  • 2 steps of counterbalance
  • Fixed pan and tilt drag
  • Independent pan and tilt locks
  • +90/-65° tilt range
  • 360° pan range
  • Made of magnesium and aluminium
  • Rosette adapters on the left and right side for attaching the included pan bar
  • Sliding camera plate with safety lock
  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera screws included and can be stored on the top of the head or underneath the camera plate
  • Two 1/4"-20 threaded holes for accessories

Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs
  • The legs include a flat base to ball head adapter fitting, allowing you to mount a flat base fluid head onto the legs and enjoy the quick leveling benefits of a ball base.
  • The wide leg spread range of the tripod allows you to use it to get as low as 8.86" off the ground, and as high as 62.4" above the ground, while maintaining a stable shooting platform.
  • The legs feature an "Auto-Hold Leg Adjustment System" that allows you to press and release the leg lock, move that leg to position, and then press a button to release the lock on that leg to secure the leg angle.
  • Rubber twist locks allow you to loosen and extend or collapse each leg independently of the other legs. The rubber grips provide a good grip and are gentle on your hands.
  • The attached rubber feet feature three distinct angles to contact the mounting surface. This allows the feet to provide a wide contact surface for increased grip and stability when compared to standard conical shaped feet, when the legs are set to acute angles.
  • The rubber feet can be removed and replaced with the included spiked feet.
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