Benro MPC30 MPC30 Multi-Functional Panoramic Head

Compatible Cameras
NIKON: D700, D1, D2, D2x, D800/E, D4, D2H, D3, D3X, D3s
CANON: EOS 5D, 5DMark2, 7D, 1D, 1DMark2, 1DMark2N, 1DMark3, 1DMark4, 1Ds, 1DsMark2, 1DsMark3, iDx
SONY E: A900, A850

Lens Reference
24-70mm Camera with Lens
24-105mm Camera with Lens
24-200mm F2.8 Camera with Lens
300mm F4 Camera with Lens
200mm F2.8 Camera with Lens
Regular price $957.00

The Benro MPC30 is an intelligently designed head tailored specifically for panoramic photography. Its ingenious construction enables seamless panoramic shooting. With the camera positioned on the sliding plate of the panoramic rotation axis, the second sliding plate can be rotated forward and backward around the tilt axis. This rotation allows the camera to pivot around the camera or lens on both the vertical and longitudinal axes, facilitating precise and straightforward panoramic photography. By utilizing the Benro MPC30 in tandem with dedicated stitching software, you can effortlessly create seamless panoramic images.

For further convenience, the vertical bracket of the MPC30 can be unlocked and rotated to a 90-degree angle. This maneuver optimizes storage space during transportation and safeguards the sliding system against potential impacts.

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