Benro BR203 Polaris Time Lapse 2-Axis Head

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The Polaris revolutionizes photography and videography with its groundbreaking design as the world's first electric tripod head featuring an integrated camera interface controller. Beyond mere composition adjustments, the Polaris empowers users to program intricate sequences, capture sweeping panoramas, and create captivating motion timelapses with exceptional precision. What's more, this innovation extends to remote operations through wireless connectivity, allowing remote control, preview, review, and file downloads via a dedicated app from virtually anywhere.

The Polaris Timelapse Edition introduces an array of built-in modes, including People Remover, Panorama, Motion Timelapse, Dynamic Exposure Timelapse, and the optional Astro add-on module for Star Tracking. With an impressive battery life of over 24 hours, which can even be extended while in use, the Polaris is prepared to capture your vision all day long. These versatile modes are compatible with an extensive range of cameras, offering flexibility in your creative journey.

The Polaris boasts a redundant onboard and swappable micro SD card slot, ensuring the preservation of every image. This feature also enables quick on-site editing, allowing Polaris to render Pathlapses, Panoramas, and more while instantly displaying previously captured images on your connected device.

Engineered from premium aluminium alloy and stainless steel materials, the Polaris is designed to excel in the harshest environments. Its superior construction has earned it an IPX6 water-resistant rating, enabling it to perform even under heavy rain. Despite its robust build, the Polaris maintains a lightweight profile of just 1.1kg, making it an excellent choice for everyday use or travel. Impressively, the Polaris can support camera setups weighing up to 7kg, cementing its place as an invaluable tool for all photographers and videographers.

  • The Polaris smart tripod head can capture incredible panoramas, focus stacked images, motion timelapes, and can even remove people from scenes with People Remover.
  • All intelligent functions are easily controllable via a companion smart phone App.
  • The Benro Polaris Timelapse Edition features over 24 hour battery life. It can also be charged during use.
  • Featuring Benro’s legendary CNC machining for extra strength and rigidity, Polaris supports camera rigs up to 7.5kg.
  • Weighing in at 1.1kg, it’s one of the most portable smart tripod heads on the market and is ideal for travel.
  • Quick Release Plate
  • 3/8”to 1/4” Screw Adapter x 2
  • Carry Case
  • Charging Cable
  • Type-C Camera Control Cable
  • Micro-USB Camera Control Cable
  • Mini Camera Control Cable
  • Instruction Manual ×1
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