10L Arctic White Paint


Permaplastik is a 100% acrylic flat water-based paint formulated especially for use in a wide range of architectural, scenic and decorative applications. Permaplastik is ideally suited to the decoration of television, film, theatrical and photographic sets, displays and exhibition fixtures, sign-writing, posters and interior or exterior architectural feature decoration.

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New paper-faced wallboard, hardboard, new plaster, fibrous plaster, cement bricks: Brush down with a stiff fibre brush to remove loose and powdery material. Fill cracks with filler, sand and dust down. Apply one coat of Permaplastik Acrylic Sealer Undercoat. Stir well before use with a broad flat paddle.
Previously painted surfaces: Scrape loose and flaking paint off, sand smooth and dust down. On greasy or dirty surfaces wash with sugar soap.

Dragon Image paints are a versatile all purpose PVA paint giving a Matt finish, especially formulated for use in a wide range of architectural,scenic and decorative applications.
It is ideally suited to the decoration of television, film, theatrical and photographic sets.
The paint should be tack free in 20-30 minutes and ready for a recoat in 2 hours.
It can be applied with brush, long nap roller or airless spray.  Foam rollers are not recommended. Average coverage is 11 square meters per litre.
Wash up with water.

Apply one or two coats of Permaplastik as required. For optimum results White Permaplastik Acrylic Sealer Undercoat should be used before coating with any Permaplastik colour.

Not usually required. On very absorbent surfaces (e.g. set plaster), dampen the surface and thin the first coat with up to 100mL of water per litre.

At approximately 25°C, 30 minutes to touch-dry; 4 hours – dry to recoat. Under cooler or humid conditions allow longer times. Note: Do not use at temperatures below 10°C.

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