Bondi Sands New Photo Studio Build

Bondi Sands is an incredible Australian brand that offers some of the best self tanning products on the market. They're inspired by one of the most popular beaches in the country and they're driven by a passion to make the ultimate tan accessible to everyone. 

When they needed to build a photography studio, Dragon was more than up to the task and we were happy to help them create the perfect space for high-quality shoots. 


Photography Studio by Dragon

For Bondi Sands, the Dragon team designed, quoted, and installed a turnkey space with a white L-shaped Cyclorama studio, a Lightpro 40B Tracklight System, a floor mounted Lightpro Ultrasoft LED lights, and a 4 Hook Expan System with additional backdrops. 

We built this photography studio knowing that Bondi Sands is a company that makes beauty products, so we made the perfect space for high-key portrait and model photography. It's also a great space for creating video content to showcase their products. 


The Process of Designing a Photography Studio

When we work with a space, we want to make sure to get the most out of it. To do that, we need to understand the space as best as possible, which is why we create 3D mockups that allow us to get the feel of it more effectively. 

For the Bondi Sands photography studio, we designed two different options. A single wall cyclorama and an L-shaped cyclorama. We chose the latter because it provided a greater advantage. It made the space larger for them, which is great for full body studio shoots and even shoots with multiple people. 


The Construction of a Dragon Photography Studio

We built the cyclorama wall with gyprock curves, which are plastered and painted onto the existing wall and floor. We also designed curves to make the corners seamless and create the look of an infinity wall, which is ideal for photography studios.

For lighting, we used the LightPro 40B LED track lights, which are low profile but offer high output, CRI value of 95+ and colour control. We paired them with the Lightpro UltraSoft 1000C on a Lightpro roller stand on the floor. This gives the photography studio a soft light source without taking a ton of space as a softbox would.

We also installed a Lightpro Motorised 4 Hook Backdrop System on the opposite wall, which provides photographers and videographers with a wide variety of backdrop options. 

We used colors such as Chroma-key green, Jet Black velvet, and Brown and Yellow non-woven backdrops. There are even matte backdrops, which are great for any kind of photoshoot. 

The motorised system doesn't include any chains, which is a great advantage because they won't get in the way. Since it's mounted to the wall, it can still be used for photography when the backdrops are rolled up. 


Final Words

If you're interested in having your own photography studio, don't hesitate to contact us! We will answer any questions you may have about our services and we will make your vision come true. 


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