A Common Misconception About Our Studio Build Consultation Services

When we work with clients to build their desired studio, we always allow for plenty of consultation to ensure we are providing them with the exact solution they are looking for. The first step involves us sending client’s a questionnaire so they can provide us as much information as possible to us, however we often find people don’t get past that first step because they insist on us coming out to their site for an inspection. Because it’s $240 for a site inspection, we want to be able to show customers how we can help give them the right solution and consultation without needing to spend the callout fee. 

If a client provides as much information as possible on the questionnaire, they will actually be the ones helping themselves. Because we are often extremely busy with a multitude of different customers, clients and other work, we don’t usually have the time to come out and inspect one’s property. That said, we can get a lot of information about a property with a plethora of photos, dimensions and information about things like what the ceiling or floor material is, the location of powerpoints, what the client is planning to shoot etc.

Essentially, our procedure is designed to streamline the client towards actually helping us provide information on what they need, but it also allows us to have all the information we need to identify other issues, such as space limitations, budget limitations, available resources etc. It’s all well and good to want to build a studio, and most spaces are able to accommodate one, but it then becomes a matter of knowing what’s in store for getting it at that stage and the costs involved. We can help you get the perfect studio space for what you need, but every studio is different and we can’t simply provide a carbon copy solution for everyone. It requires plenty of communication and dialogue around what is the exact solution for your needs, and once you are happy with the solution we provide, we will be able to move onto the quoting and installation processes.











If you have any questions about our studio build process, please contact your local store today, or submit an enquiry form at our new site for Dragon Studio Solutions.

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