Need a home studio on a budget? Here are our options!

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had a lot of inquiries about what background options are out there to begin building a home studio on a tight budget, so I thought I’d give you a run down on what we have available in terms of backdrops and support systems.

Obviously as more people are forced to self-isolate to lower the risk of the virus spreading, it has become very difficult for photographers and filmmakers alike to find work and continue producing content. As a result, many people have turned to producing content from the safety of their own homes. Whether it be live streaming, Youtube videos, online conferencing or podcasts, there are a plethora of options available to stay busy in a home studio environment. It then becomes a question of budget. This where Dragon Image can help.

What do we offer?

Whilst we do still offer higher end cyclorama studio solutions (visit our Studio Build page for more information), we understand that many people these days just don’t have the time, space or budget to install a state-of-the-art studio. Nevertheless, there are plenty of cheaper options available that will still achieve great results.

Lightpro Twistfold Background

With options for both chromakey Green/Blue, as well as Black/White, the Twistfold is a great affordable solution. They come in a range of sizes - 1.5x2m, 2x2m and 2.4x2m - and take up no space when set up. Being only a few centimetres thick, they can be clamped to a stand or merely propped up in place against a wall. This solution is perfect for those who are needing something quick and easy that they can just set up behind them in an office space or bedroom, whether it be for teaching a class on Zoom, video game live streaming or simple portrait photography.

Lightpro Background support with Velvet or paper backdrops

The background support kit is extremely useful when it comes to an easy studio set up - just set up the stands, attach the cross bar between them, clamp your backdrop down and you're ready to shoot. While it does take up a little bit more space than the Twistfold when set up, they are a great option when it comes to filming multiple subjects, and when the time comes that we are able to venture out into the big wide world again, these are extremely portable and easy to use on location.

We also provide a huge range of coloured paper backdrops, as well as velvet in digi green, white and black. Whatever your budget, these backdrops are extremely affordable, and you’ll be amazed with the quality of your results. 

Learn more about the background support system >>

Lightpro Expan Set - single, 3 or 4 Hook system

For those looking for a more permanent fixture in their home studio, look no further than the Expan system! This handy studio solution allows for multiple backdrops to be ready to shoot with minimal set up time. Everything you need to set it up is included in the kit, including the aluminium tubes, hooks, expan clamps, chains and necessary screws and mounts. 

If you are working in a tight space, like an office, or you’re needing it to be a portable solution down the track, you are also able to attach the hooks to autopoles (see the video below). We also offer installation if you’re unable to do it yourself, so please contact us if that’s something you’re looking into.

Learn more about the Expan system here >>

Learn how to set up the Expan system on autopoles >>

LightPro Background Frame System

The background frame system is the perfect solution for a professional home studio with minimal setup time. The backgrounds come in a range of colours, such as Blue/Green, Black/White, Green/White. It also comes in two sizes - 2.9 x 2.2m or 2 x 2m. 

While the frame is free-standing and not a tripping hazard, it is a good idea to get shot bags for the feet of the frame to keep them securely in place without risk of falling over.

Learn more about the background frame system here >>

Now, I’m not going to go too much into our range of lighting solutions, however I will recommend one particular kit which is extremely affordable and will complement any of the aforementioned background supports very well.

LightPro 506 Daylight LED Softbox 2-Head Kit

This handy 2 head kit is the perfect solution for lighting your background. With double diffused softboxes, you will achieve a wider, more even spread of light, which will eliminate any nasty shadows you might otherwise be getting on your background, and at a handy $475, you can’t go wrong with a kit like this! 

In short...

Everyone is needing to make content these days to get by. Not only will these options be great as a quick and easy solution on a tight budget, but they will also provide great results when the pandemic is over and we are all able to start producing quality content again.

If you are thinking of setting a home studio during these unprecedented times, please contact your local Dragon Image and we will work with you to find the best solution for you. We urge everyone to stay safe and persist through the pandemic, and we’ll all be able to hit the ground running when we come out the other side!

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