JOBY Kit GripTight PRO Gorillapod + GripTight PRO

SKU: JB01390-BWW
  • Fits Most Phones 2.2 to 3.58" Wide
  • Fits Phones with or without a Case
  • 90° of Rotation (Landscape/Portrait)
  • 150° of Tilt Angle to Avoid Glare
  • Rubber Foot Grips and Bendable Legs
  • 1/4"-20 Tripod Mount
  • Built with ABS Plastic & TPE Grip Pads
  • Built with Stainless-Steel Plates
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Premium clamping mount and tripod that securely holds any smartphone in any situation. GripTight GorillaPod Stand PRO fits any smartphone and offers a robust, locking and rotating solution for more optimal set-up of photos and videos, plus includes a flexible tripod for limitless set-ups. 

• Universal smartphone compatibility: fits any model, with or without a case 
• Robust, premium build with durable ABS plastic, TPE grip pads and stainless steel plates 
• Designed for the most secure hold when capturing images, video or enjoying media via your smartphone 
• Able to adjust tilt angle to avoid glare 
• Over-molded stainless steel plates slide and lock to securely fit any smartphone 
• GorillaPod Stand features rubber foot grips and wrappable legs to help stabilize any smartphone in all kinds of locations and on all types of surfaces 
• Includes 1/4"-20 thread to use with other JOBY tripods and stands. 

Ultra-Secure, -Versatile 
Solidly holds any phone so you can get creative! 

Fits all Phones, Including Most Cases 
Smartphones from 56mm-91mm, including iPhone 6s/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 & more 

Portrait or Landscape! 
With 90 deg. of rotation and 150 deg. of tilt you can easily adjust for shooting or watching! 

Loosen the locking screw, rotate 90 degrees to portrait or landscape mode, place your phone & tighten. That's it! 

Soft Touch-Firm Grip 
The durable but soft TPE grip pads will keep your phone mounted securely and safely. Easy to detach when not in use. 

Expands to Grip Your Phone 
Stainless steel plates slide & lock to fit phones from 56mm-91mm, including models such as iPhone 6s/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note. 

Tilt, Tighten and Shoot 
With 150 degrees of tilt, you can shoot video in one position, then tilt back and watch what you just created! 

GorillaPod Goes Anywhere! 
The GripTight Mount PRO is attached to a special mid-sized GorillaPod via a standard 1/4"-20 mount, making this a stable rig for phone photographers. 

Secure, Rugged and Reliable 
Thoughtful engineering and high-quality materials include; stainless steel, TPE grip pads and durable ABS plastic. 

Enhance Your Favorite Apps 
Whether you are creating, viewing or sharing, GripTight Mount PRO creates a better experience 

GorillaPod + GripTight Mount PRO 
A -secure mount, plus the legendary, go-anywhere GorillaPod just can't be beat.

  • Joby Gorillapod Original Flexible Mini-Tripod
  • GripTight PRO Smartphone Mount
  • Joby Warranty
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