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  • Attaches simply to square shaped speedlites
  • Fits: Godox, Nikon, Canon, Sony & More
  • Fast Magnetic Attachment
  • Available in kit form with the AK-R1
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The Godox Round Head Magnetic Modifier Adapter is a versatile and user-friendly accessory designed for square-shaped speedlights from popular brands such as Godox, Nikon, Canon, Sony, and more. Its quick attachment mechanism, operated by a convenient thumbscrew, ensures a secure and stable connection to the speedlight.

To ensure a reliable hold, the adapter is equipped with texturized rubber mats on its top and bottom surfaces, providing a firm grip on the speedlight without causing scratches or damage.

The adapter's magnetic system allows for seamless attachment of separately available accessories, including barndoors, a dome diffuser, a honeycomb grid, a snoot, a bounce card, and filters. The magnets provide a strong and secure connection, enabling fast and effortless mounting of these modifiers to the front of the adapter.

Secure Grip

The S-R1 adapter slides onto rectangular flash heads to provide a round magnetic mounting point. Gridded rubber mats on the inside surface of the adapter provide scratch-free grip, and a knurled knob on top helps tighten the adapter around flashes of different sizes.

Fast, Magnetic Mounting

Round magnetic modifier attaches to most square-shaped flashes such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony.

Available Kit

The optional AK-R1 kit features a number of modifiers and accessories, including a dome diffuser, four-way barndoors, a diffuser plate, a bounce card, honeycomb grid, colour filters, and a snoot.

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