SKU: 11.BD-10
  • 4 Way Barndoor Set
  • Incudes Honeycomb Grid
  • Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow Filters Included
  • Specially designed for Godox AD300Pro
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The Barndoor Kit for AD300pro Flash Head is a comprehensive accessory package that empowers photographers and filmmakers to achieve selective lighting and foster creative expression. With its 4-way design, the barn doors allow users to precisely control the light output of the AD300pro flash head. By swinging one or more leaves into the beam path, you can illuminate specific areas while preventing light spill in unwanted regions.

The kit also includes an assortment of filters in red, yellow, blue, and green colors, providing the means to add artistic and dramatic effects to your lighting. Additionally, a diffuser is included to soften and spread the light for a more flattering and natural look.

With the Barndoor Kit for AD300pro Flash Head, you have a complete set of tools at your disposal to shape, control, and enhance the lighting in your shots.

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