SKU: 11.SA-01-85MM
  • Interchangeable 85mm Lens for Projection Attachment
  • Fits the S30 SA-P Projection Attachment
  • Project light and patterns at Medium Distances
  • Designed to be used with the S30 Focusing LED Light
  • Projects a Hard or Soft Circle of Light
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The Godox Interchangeable 85mm Standard Lens is one of the three lenses available for the Projection Attachment, specifically designed for the S30 Focusing LED Light. Among the lens options, the 85mm lens stands out as the most versatile. It offers a standard focal length that strikes a balance between wider coverage and more focused illumination, making it suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios. Whether you need to illuminate a larger area or create a more concentrated beam of light, the 85mm lens provides the flexibility and adaptability to meet your needs. With the Godox Interchangeable 85mm Standard Lens, you can explore various lighting possibilities and achieve your desired creative results with the S30 Focusing LED Light and Projection Attachment.

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