E-Image AT 7402 Aluminum Tripod

SKU: AT-7402A

• Payload: 40kg
• Net Weight: 3.5kg
• Bowl Size: 75mm
• Height range: 65-151cm
• Transport Length: 65.5cm
• Sections: 3
• Leg Lock Type: Clip

Regular price $328.90


Transport Height

Working Height

Bowl Size



Max.tube Diameter

720mm 650-1560mm 75mm 4.2kg 40kg 16mm


The E-IMAGE AT 7402 Aluminium Tripod – only from Dragon Image

The E-IMAGE AT 7402 Aluminium Tripod comes along with a common revolving lock. Users will find it convenient, flexible and extremely sturdy. Additionally, this tripod can be connected with the dollies.

E-IMAGE tripods are well known for being tremendously sturdy, robust construction and stable nature. For quick and smooth operation, these tripods feature a quick-locking patent structure. Due to their double-extension tubes they provide high stability.


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