Sachtler System Cine 7+7 FT MS - Dragon Image
Sachtler System Cine 7+7 FT MS - Dragon Image

Sachtler System Cine 7+7 FT MS

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  • 100mm Ball Head Supports up to 48 lb
  • Lightweight Dual-Stage flowtech Tripod
  • Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet
  • SpeedLevel Clamp for Quick Leveling
  • Payload Boost Button
  • Height Range of Approximately 28 to 68"
  • 16 Steps of Counterbalance
  • Speedbalance Technology
  • Touch & Go Plate
  • Carry Handle and Padded Bag
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About Sachtler 1910FTMS

flowtech™ 100 Carbon Fiber Tripod by Sachtler & Vinten

The flowtech™100 by Sachtler and Vinten is a revolutionary tripod system that’s designed to be the world’s fastest and most efficient stabilization tool. Its innovative design features specialized hinge locks on top of each leg for swift deployment and fuss-free height adjustments, with simultaneous leg adjustment for even faster operation during demanding shoots. This versatile tripod also allows you to shoot extreme angles with its mid-level spreader, which has four locking positions—20°, 46°, 72°, and extended—for a maximum working height of 61.02” and a minimum of 10.24”. The spreader enables the flowtech™100 to be used in tricky spaces and uneven terrain, but it also gives you the option of using dual-spiked feet (for soft surfaces) or quick-release rubber feet (for slippery surfaces). This 9-pound carbon fiber tripod can accommodate equipment payloads up to 66 pounds and ensures maximum portability with an ergonomic flat-leg design for enhanced torsional strength and easier transport, as well as magnetic locks to keep the legs from snapping open during travel. It has a 100mm bowl for use with a variety of ball head systems and three 3/8"-16 female thread mounts for accessory attachment. Rigorously tested in difficult scenarios and working conditions, the award-winning flowtech™100 is highly robust, versatile, and lightweight, making it the perfect tripod for professional photography and videography.

Revolutionise the way you work with the world’s fastest tripod

flowtech™100 by Sachtler and Vinten - a versatile, lightweight tripod that is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod. Performance tested in extreme conditions, flowtech™100 is a revolution in tripod technology, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and improving their workflow. flowtech™100 is a revolutionary set of two-stage carbon fibre tripod legs with quick release brakes, a mid-level spreader, rubber feet and a payload capacity of 30kg (66lb).



Unique quick release brakes

flowtech™100 features unique quick release brakes located at the top of the tripod that allow camera operators to easily deploy and adjust the tripod in an instant. All the legs of the tripod can be deployed simultaneously and can quickly adjust to the height that you need and the ground’s surface – eliminating the need to bend over or manually adjust multiple brakes on each individual leg.



New ergonomic carbon-fibre leg design

Carbon fibre profile makes flowtech™75 lightweight and easy to transport. It’s ergonomically designed to comfortably rest on the camera operator’s shoulder while magnetic locks offer an easy, quick method for locking the legs together during transport. Exceptional torsional stiffness ensures that the tripod doesn’t twist during panning movements.



Versatile Hinge Lock

flowtech comes with a hinge lock mechanism that gives camera operators ultimate versatility. With the ability to be used with or without a spreader. The hinge lock allows the flowtech100 to be deployed as low as 26 cm (10.2in) and as high as 155 cm (61in) when used without a spreader. This effectively eliminates the need to bring a second set of baby legs to each shoot.

Versatile Hinge Lock


Performance Tested

Tested in the most punishing environments, flowtech excels in sludge, sand and extreme temperatures. Tried in over 30,000 lab-testing cycles – in which the tripod is repeatedly deployed – and 1.5 million clamp operations on the test endurance rig, flowtech surpasses Sachtler and Vinten’s stringent performance targets.

Performance Tested


flowtech™100 Carbon Fibre Mid-Level Spreader

For a fast and stable setup in narrow spaces or on uneven terrain, the flowtech100 mid-level spreader has four locking positions for simple setup and fast repositioning. The spreader is included in all flowtech™100 tripod and system packages and available as an optional accessory for flowtech™75.

Carbon Fibre Mid-Level Spreader Position - 20°

Carbon Fibre Mid-Level Spreader Position - 20°

Low Mode

2. Carbon Fibre Mid-Level Spreader Position - 46°

2. Carbon Fibre Mid-Level Spreader Position - 46°

Medium Mode

3. Carbon Fibre Mid-Level Spreader Position - 72°

3. Carbon Fibre Mid-Level Spreader Position - 72°

High Mode

Extended Spreader

Extended Spreader

Spreaded Mode

System Cine 7+7 FT MS with flowtech100

Sachtler 100 mm Cine 7+7 system with flowtech100 carbon fibre tripod, carbon fibre mid-level spreader and side load plate

The Cine 7+7 HD combines the established cine-features of the big Sachtler heads with the advantages of a more compact 100 mm fluid head - the perfect solution for all those who work with lighter film set-ups. Drag properties, a side load function, very wide load range, Speedbalance technology and optimum front swivel arm are what makes up the compact Cine 7+7.

-- Cine 7+7 HD --

Cine features with a 100 mm ball head
The Cine 7+7 HD combines the established cine-features of the big Sachtler heads with the advantages of a more compact 100 mm fluid head - the perfect solution for all those who work with lighter film set-ups. Damping properties, a side load function, very wide load range, Speedbalance technology and optimum front swivel arm are what makes up the compact Cine 7+7.

-- flowtech100 --

The world's fastest deploying tripod now in 100mm
The award winning flowtech tripod technology offers unique quick release brakes to deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant. The ergonomic carbon fibre leg design offers exceptional torsional stiffness and makes it easy to transport with.

The integrated versatile hinge lock mechanism allows you to capture extremely low and high shots with superior performance and reliability thanks to extensive endurance and environmental testing. flowtech100 is designed for precision shooting and heavier camera payloads up to 30kg / 66lb.

-- flowtech100 Mid-Level Spreader

NEW Carbon Fibre Mid-Level Spreader
For a fast and stable setup in narrow spaces or on uneven terrain. Four locking positions for simple setup and fast repositioning.

Sachtler 1910FTMS Features

  • FSB 10 T Fluid Head Features:
  • Supports cameras with up to 48 lb (22kg)
  • Side Load Mechanism
  • Wide Counterbalance Range
  • 16-Step Counterbalance
  • 7+0 Step Pan/Tilt Drag
  • Illuminated Bubble Level
  • flowtech100 Tripod Features:
  • Deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant: Unique quick release brakes
  • Easy to transport and exceptional torsional stiffness: Ergonomic carbon fibre leg design
  • Capture extremely low and high shots: Versatile hinge lock mechanism
  • Superior performance and reliability: Extensive endurance and environmental testing
  • Fast and stable setup in narrow spaces or on uneven terrain: Unique carbon fibre mid-level spreader
  • flowtech100 mid-level Spreader Features:
  • Fast and easy setup in narrow spaces or on uneven terrain
  • 4 locking positions offers stability in very small footprint
  • Central lock enables fast repositionsing
  • Carbon fibre arms
  • Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head (1910)
  • Tripod flowtech 100 MS with Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet (5585)
  • Speedlevel Clamp (S2044-0001)
  • Padded Bag ENG (9104)
  • Carry Handle (S2051-1057)
  • Sachtler Warranty

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