Sachtler System 25 Studio

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  • Vario Pedestal 2-75
  • Video 25 Plus FB
  • Multidisc Adapter
  • 80 lb Capacity
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Video 25 Plus FB (2501P)
The Video 25 Plus FB is the featherweight that handles heavyweight cameras and camcorders. One of the fluid heads most frequently used by international television crews, it is easy to see that this head was created for combination with Pedestals Combi and C III. The Video 25 Plus FB is unusually light for a studio / OB head. Its assembly lock mechanism lets you set up your equipment safely. It features horizontal and vertical brakes that are conveniently located and easy to reach. The 4-hole bores are standard for TV equipment and allow you to use the head on all tripods with flat base. 

Vario Pedestal 2-75 (5201)
We’ve thought of everything! Do you need to change heads? A column latch and Quickfix attachment make this even faster. And fast vertical panning is also child’s play with the Vario Peds’ friction damping systems. In addition, the crab-and-steer function enables simple maneuvering with defined rolling turns. In order to enable balancing during the shoot – for example in case of sudden temperature change – the steering wheel has easily accessible slots for the balance weights that are a standard accessory. Narrow clearance is not a problem, as the dolly arm positions are easy to adjust. And, of course, the power cable features extra padding to protect it from being crushed. The steering wheel, column, and dolly quickly disassemble for transport.

Payload 35 kg / 77 lbs
Weight 61 kg / 134 lbs
Height range 88 - 165 cm / 34.6 - 65.0 in
- Video 25 Plus FB (2501P) - Multi Disc (3914) - Vario Pedestal 2-75 (5201)
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