Sachtler Ground Spreader SP 75

SKU: ST-7001

Sachtler 7001 Ground Spreader SP 75 for tripods Speed Lock 75 CF (4588), ENG 75/2 D (4188) and DA 75 L (4183)

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On-Ground Spreader is chosen when shooting is performed on a level surface, such as studio, city streets, offices, sport fields and stadiums. It allows for rapid set-up and pull down by keeping tripod legs at an equal or preset distance relative to each other. Attaches directly to the feet at the bottom of a tripod and its arms are telescopic to allow extension of a tripod leg without detaching the spreader. Fits all 75mm Bowl tripods and Pedestal C I.

Recommended for Tripods Speed Lock 75 CF, ENG 75/2 D and DA 75 L
Build up radius 33 - 58 cm / 13 - 22.8 in
Weight 0.6 kg / 1.3 lbs
Payload 40 kg / 88 lbs
1 X Sachtler Spreader SP 75 On-Ground Tripod Spreader - for all 75mm Bowl Tripods and Pedestal C I
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