Sachtler Combi Ped 1-40

SKU: ST-5199
  • EFP and OB Use
  • Crab Steering
  • Column Brake
  • Tool Free Set-Up
  • 5" Wheels
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Thanks to its modular design, the lightweight Combi Ped 1-40 is ideal for EFP and OB portable use. The compact construction provides maximum stability at a low weight. The Combi Ped 1-40 provides crab steering functionality to provide simple manoeuvring. The pedestal enables smooth and vibration-free height adjustment. A column brake locks the column in any position. A transport latch keeps the pedestal securely in position during transport. An air pump is included, providing convenient pressurization of the pedestal at any location.

The Combi Ped 1-40 setup is tool-free: The dolly and column can be easily connected using eccentric clamps, and engaging the steering column.

The eccentric clamps provide easy attachment of column feet on the dolly a very convenient feature when you have to set it up quickly. The Combi Ped 1-40 has 12.5 cm (5") wheels and is equipped with easy to adjust cable guards and individual wheel

A pressure gauge provides easy monitoring of air pressure inside the column. A pressure relief valve prevents from damage caused by overfilling.

The Combi Ped 1-40 is a steerable (crab) pedestal. The steering ring can be detached easily for transportation. Four trim weights are included as standard with the pedestal, and can be put in the trim weight storage pockets on the steering ring to compensate for variations in temperature during a production.

The Combi Ped 1-40 can be quickly disassembled into its components for convenient transportation and shipping.

Recommended for fluid heads Video 25 Plus FB; DV 8/100, DV 10, DV 12, Video 15 (with #3914); Video 18/20 SB/Plus (with #3913)
Weight 24.6 kg / 54 lbs
Payload 40 kg / 55.2 lbs
Height range 79 - 133 cm / 31.1 - 52.4 in
Lift 54 cm / 21.3 in
Clearance 70 cm / 27.5 in
Head fitting flat base, Quickfix
- Sachtler 1-40 Combi Pedestal - Trim Weight Kit - Pedestal
Video not available for this product