Rosco Coloured 1.5m - T5

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  • Used on Fluorescent Lights
  • Polycarbonate Tube with Inserted Filter
  • Use for Creating Stage Lighting Effects
  • Controls Color of Fluorescent Lights
  • End Caps Protect from Shattering Glass
  • Includes a UV Filter to Prevent Fading
  • Use in Combination with Other Sleeves
  • Easily Trimmed with Scissors
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The 5' #00 Clear T5 RoscoSleeve from Rosco is an efficient and comparably inexpensive way to control the color of fluorescent lighting, the most difficult lighting to shoot under. In addition to color control, this sleeve gives you the freedom to create many interesting mood and colorful stage effects.

Another major advantage of a RoscoSleeve is that it helps protect against potential lamp breakage by minimizing the danger of shattered glass since each comes with two end caps that fit tightly over the ends and secure the lamps should breakage take place. This feature prevents personal injury from any falling glass, a potential liability during stage performances. This polycarbonate tube features its specific color effect inserted inside the sleeve. The sleeve may be used in combination with additional sleeves to create even more unique effects.

  • The T5 sleeve includes a UV filter that allows less than 10% transmission below 390 nanometers. This prevents premature color fading and protection from harmful UV rays
  • The sleeve includes two end caps; it maintains lamp integrity and guards against shattered glass from falling on the stage or audience
  • The sleeve can easily be cut to custom lengths with scissors
  • Use the sleeves in combination for additional color effects
  • More than 300 colors available
  • Rosco Coloured 1.5m - T5
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