LanParte UMB-Pro Universal Matte Box


-  Three filter stages (one is rotatable )
-  2x4*5.65 filter holder
-  1x109mm round filter holder which can fit for 1x4*4 filter and filter with biggest       out diameter of 112mm
-  Folding French flags (left and right side flags, top flag)
-  Lens clamp adapter *2(87mm&95mm)
-  Hard matte*5

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  • The LanParte UMB-Pro Universal Matte Box is a 15mm LWS rod-mount system featuring three filter stages (two fixed/one rotating). 
  • It includes two filter holders that support 4 x 5.65 filters and one rotating filter holder that supports 4 x 4 square filters as well as 109-112mm diameter round filters. 
  • The rotating filter holder is adjustable to support different size round filters. 
  • The UMB-Pro includes 95mm and 87mm lens clamp adapters, five hard mattes, and adjustable top and side flags.

Moldel No.


Filter stages

Three filter stages (one is rotatable )

Filter holder size

4*5.65” x2

109mm x1(Circular) fit for 4*4

French flag

left and right side flags, top flag

Lens clamp adaptor

Universal  lens clamp UMB-110-R*1(60-85mm) x1

95mm x1

Hard matte


16-20/ 24-28/ 35-40/ 50-65/ 85-180

weight(French flag included)


Size(French flag un-included)


LanParte UMB-Pro Universal Matte Box
  • 2 x Fixed Filter Holders (Supports 4 x 5.65 Filters)
  • Rotating, Adjustable Filter Holder (Supports 4 x 4 and 109-112mm Round Filters)
  • 95mm Lens Clamp Adapter
  • 87mm Lens Clamp Adapter
  • 2 x Side Flags
  • Top Flag
  • 5 x Hard Mattes
  • LanParte Warranty
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