• For the Godox AD400PRO
  • For the Godox AD300PRO
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The Parabolic Softbox AD-S85W is specifically designed for use with AD400pro/AD300 ML Series LED Lights. With a diameter of 85cm, it offers the flexibility to choose between a silver or gold softbox (umbrella) by including both options. For a cool-toned look with snappy contrast, attach the silver reflector inside the umbrella. If you prefer a soft, warm rendition, attach the gold reflector. The softbox also features a removable front diffuser for added convenience.

The AD-S85S shape features a deep design that delivers the desired soft light output, while maintaining a sharp falloff for easy feathering and edge-lighting techniques. The included fabric grid effectively minimizes spill light and provides enhanced directional control, allowing for precise and selective lighting.


With its unique design resembling a tulip cup, this softbox features a very deep canopy that enables precise control over the direction of light. This allows you to maximize the soft quality of light by directing it exactly where you need it. The deep canopy shape ensures that the light falls in a controlled manner, resulting in beautiful and diffused lighting for your subjects.

Always Ready

Experience the convenience of a quick-folding mechanism that enables you to set up and break down your equipment swiftly and effortlessly. No more time-consuming assembly or disassembly processes. With this innovative feature, you can focus more on your creative work and spend less time on the technicalities. Simply unfold and fold with ease, making your setup and teardown a breeze.


The lightweight Godox mount is specifically designed to ensure compatibility and seamless integration with portable lamp heads, including the AD300Pro, AD400Pro, and ML Series LED Lights. This versatile combination allows for easy attachment and reliable functionality, enabling you to achieve optimal lighting results with convenience and flexibility. Whether you're working in the studio or on location, this reliable setup will enhance your lighting experience.

Better Control

With internal silver/gold reflectors, you have the flexibility to adjust the tone of your light, allowing for customized lighting effects. The silver reflector produces a cooler-toned light with enhanced contrast, while the gold reflector offers a warmer and softer rendition. Additionally, the included grid provides precise control over the direction of light, enabling you to create selective lighting and focus on specific areas or subjects. This versatile combination of reflectors and grid empowers you to achieve the desired lighting aesthetics for your creative vision.
  • Godox Parabolic Softbox AD-S85W
  • Grid
  • 2 x Diffusers
  • 2 x Beauty Reflectors
  • Carrying Bag