E-Image FT-9116 Jib


The Fancier FT-9115/9116 Jib Arm kit is a full featured jib which 
supports film or video cameras weighing up to 33 lb (15 kg). 
The head attachment is adaptable between 75 mm and 100 mm. 
Quick and easy to set up. Light weight and portable. 
Mainly used for film, television , advertising, MTV studio production 
and a variety of sports activities production. 

Regular price $2,915.00

E-Image 9116 Jib from Dragon Image on Vimeo.

Kit Includes

Heavy Duty Legs

Jib arm


Carry Bag


1.Head Attachment:¢75mm,¢100 video fluid ball or hemisphere head;

2.Weight capacity:15-18kgs;

3.Height Range:300-2650mm;

4.Pan Range:360',Horizontal Extension:¢3000mm;



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